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Havoc RS440 Xero Package By Tenpoint Crossbows.

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The Tenpoint Havoc RS440 Xero generates supercharged speeds of 440 FPS with the included 400-grain, 16-inch CenterPunch16 carbon crossbow arrow. In addition, it is equipped with the revolutionary ACUslide, a silent cocking and safe de-cocking system. Measuring an ultra-narrow 7.5-inches wide, the industry’s best crossbow features Tenpoint's 3.5 pound, 2-stage S1 trigger that delivers Tenpoint's most crisp, consistent break ever, leading to unbelievable down-range accuracy. The best hunting crossbow comes from generations of hard work developing the most cutting-edge technology to produce one of the fastest crossbows on the market. Exact Aim, any Distance. Introducing the first hunting crossbow with a built-in range finding scope. TenPoint and Garmin deliver the world’s fastest crossbow-per-inch of length and the most accurate long-range hunting crossbow ever. The TenPoint Havoc RS440 Xero, featuring the revolutionary Garmin XERO X1i Range Finding Crossbow Scope. Well known for building the best crossbows, TenPoint has produced the fastest crossbow-per-inch of length and the most accurate long-range hunting crossbow ever, powered by a reverse-draw design that utilizes the full 13.5” of power stroke.

Garmin XERO X1i auto-ranging rangefinder crossbow scope features:

  • Automatically range game up to 250-yards away with the press of a single button.
  • Precise illuminated aim points automatically adjust for both distance and brightness allowing you to see your target, unobstructed by reticle patterns.
  • Forget the days of “gap-shooting” with multiple aim points – simply range, lock, and use the single aiming point provided by the XERO X1i.

TenPoint Havoc RS440 Xero Crossbow Package Includes:

  • Optics: Garmin XERO X1i Range Finding Crossbow Scope.
  • Cocking Device: ACUslide Cocking and De-Cocking System.
  • Quiver: 6-Arrow Tech Quiver.
  • Crossbow Arrows: Six Evo-X CenterPunch16 premium carbon arrows with 100-grain practice points.
  • Noise Dampening Integrated String Stop System.

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  • How fast does the TenPoint Havoc RS440 shoot?

    The TenPoint Havoc RS440 shoots an elite level 440 feet per second (FPS).