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Ravin R20 Sniper Crossbow Package in Predator Camo on sale at
Ravin R20 Sniper Crossbow Package in Predator Camo on sale now at

Ravin Crossbow R20 Sniper Package Predator Camo

Ravin Crossbows
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200 Yards - Only Reachable by Ravin R20 Sniper!

Phenomenal performance and untamed range. The brilliant R20 sniper crossbow package in epic Predator Camo from Ravin. It's taking precision crossbows to a whole new level of look, performance, and distance. Now producing 430 feet per second arrow speeds and 3" groups at 100 yards. (X2!)
Includes the Jack plate adjustable elevation system for shots up to 200 yards. Allowing you to adjust this crossbow package from 20-200 yards with a simple turn of the dial. Making the Ravin R20 sniper the best American made crossbow ever assembled. Only 6 inches width while cocked makes this crossbow perfect for hunting in tight or confined positions. In a ground blind, treestand or stay mobile with the best crossbow known to man. With a light-weight design for any terrain and any game. Read our customer reviews and see why hunters from around the country are astonished by this new innovation and how it can help strengthen your own success in the field. Unleash the Beast and order online today.

Ravin R20 Sniper Package Features:

  • Speed:         430 fps
  • Draw force:       12 lbs
  • Power stroke:       13"
  • Weight:               7.1 lbs
  • Length:               34.5"
  • Width uncocked:   10.5"
  • Width cocked:       6"
  • Finish: Predator Camo
  • Item number: R022

R20 Sniper Package includes:

  • Jack plate adjustable elevation mount.
  • Vortex Strike Eagle 1-8x24 scope.
  • Ravin riser level.
  • 3-arrow quiver.
  • Draw handle.
  • 6-pack 400 grain match grade .001 arrows.
  • Field tip and accessories bracket.

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