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Ravin R20 Crossbow Package in Predator Camo on sale now at
Ravin R20 Crossbow Package Top View in Predator Camo on sale now at

Ravin Crossbow R20 Package Predator Camo

Ravin Crossbows
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Ravin R20 Crossbow - Limitless!

Valiant performance matched by unforgettable range and accuracy. The awe-inspiring Ravin R20 crossbow was designed for running-and-gunning or hunting from tight quarters. It’s the smallest Ravin ever made, measuring just 33″ and tipping the scales at a light 6.8 pounds. Don’t let the Ravin’s compact size fool you. This powerful crossbow with HeliCoil Technology generates 430 FPS with devastatingly accurate downrange precision.
With 3" groups at 100 yards. Only 6 inches width while cocked making this crossbow perfect for tight or confined positions you may encounter while hunting any terrain and any game. Read our customer reviews and see why hunters like you from around the country are conquering limits with this brilliant innovation.

Ravin R20 Package Features:

  • Speed: 430 fps
  • Draw force: 12 lbs
  • Power stroke: 13"
  • Weight: 7.1 lbs
  • Length: 34.5"
  • Width uncocked: 10.5"
  • Width cocked: 6"
  • Finish" Predator Camo
  • Item number: R020

R20 Package includes:

  • Illuminated scope.
  • 3-arrow quiver.
  • Draw handle.
  • 6-pack 400 grain match grade .003 arrows.
  • Field tip and accessories bracket.

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