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Our Story

Kiigns Hunting

/ Kig - Inns /  - An American e-commerce direct retailer of specialty hunting gear, equipment, and merchandise.

Our story began many moons ago. On a tall ridge in the rolling hills of Kentucky. Patiently awaiting sunrise and the many creatures that every day wake the woods. High in a treestand, we huddle tightly to the last few sips of coffee before glassing the field below for a rare glimpse of a coveted prize.

It was opening day and for us, the best holiday of the year. We trusted our intel, we did our research and waited for the perfect wind. Hunting season had arrived the wait was over. Anticipation was high and no sleep was no factor. Searching for the adrenaline we crave that's supplied by gods beautiful creations we knew it was close, patience is a virtue.

Heritage Is Everything

Our heritage is everything, it's the start of our story. We are hunters here to pass on a tradition with the high-quality gear you can count on in that special moment when you need it most. Kiigns Hunting is the extension of our passion for hunting and gives us the ability to connect with and serve hunters from around the country.

What Makes KiiGNS Different From Other Retailers?

Our backbone is maintaining efficiency and continuing to be first to market with brilliant new innovations that change the landscape of hunting for all ages while engineered to increase your chance of success in the field.       

We start by loading our virtual shelves with the best archery and hunting gear this industry has to offer. Showcasing our free shipping on every purchase and setting a competitive pricing structure allowing men and women of all ages the ability to own and experience high-quality archery and hunting gear for much less of an investment.

Our Focus - Your Success

Our main focus is providing you with an excellent shopping experience and making sure you are completely satisfied with your purchase and excited for your next hunt. We love sharing in the success of our customers and greatly enjoy helping hunters like you chase their passion.

Whether it's Elk, Deer, Moose, Turkey, or Bear our team at Kiigns Hunting is excited to cheer you on all season long knowing you have the right gear to knock em down in any hunting situation.

While learning about and connecting with the best new innovations in the hunting industry we are able to flex our buying power to secure authorized dealer pricing at a low minimum allowing us to pass significant savings on to you with the trust and backing of a manufactures warranty on every product we sell.

Safety Is Paramount

Our website uses a 256-bit SSL certificate to establish a secure encrypted connection between your computer and devices and our servers to protect your sensitive data and provide you with a safe and trusted shopping experience. All pages, content, credit card, and transaction information is protected by the same level of security used by banks.

We want you to be thrilled with your new purchase and give you 30 days from the time you receive it to return it to us for any reason. Our team at Kiigns Hunting is here to help you throughout the buying process and even after your purchase. Answering post-purchase questions or helping you better understand a products capabilities and features.

Kiigns Hunting was founded to be your preferred online hunting store and connect you with the best new innovations and technologies available in today's hunting industry. Our team will work hard for you every day to make sure we remain your preferred destination for many more hunts to come.

As always, Thank you for shopping with KiiGNS!

Happy Hunting Friends!  

- Kiigns Hunting | Enjoy The Difference

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