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Ravin Crossbows Technology

Say hello to the Ravin R20 Sniper Crossbow Package.

The most mind-blowing technology ever created in the crossbow industry.

Ravin R20 Sniper Crossbow Package for sale at

Phenomenal performance and untamed range.

The brilliant R20 sniper crossbow package in epic Predator Camo from Ravin. Taking precision crossbows to a whole new level of look, performance, and distance. Producing 430 feet per second arrow speeds and 3" groups at 100 yards - (X2)!
Includes the Jack plate adjustable elevation system for shots up to 200 yards. Making the Ravin R20 sniper the best American made crossbow ever assembled. Only 6 inches width while cocked makes this crossbow perfect for hunting in tight or confined positions. Ground blind, treestand or stay mobile with the best crossbow known to man.

The industry’s most dependable, durable, accurate and technologically-advanced line of crossbows. The Helicoil Technology of the Ravin crossbow is revolutionizing the crossbow industry standard with tempting accuracy and supreme power. Each Ravin model, R10, and R20 are available in stunning predator camo or glorious gunmetal gray. The Ravin R20 Sniper model comes complete with a newly designed jack plate adjustable system for shots up to a mind-blowing 200 yards.

The R20 Sniper is receiving raving reviews from tons of happy customers.

Impressed with the accuracy and the overall design of this crossbow. Really easy to shoot at some amazingly long ranges.

This crossbow package performs flawlessly in the field. I wasn't much of a (200 yard) believer to say the least, but I sure as the hell am now. Astounding range from these crossbows. Everything you said it was, plus more. Happy with my service from kiigns, and very happy with my crossbow.

Completely legit!!! This ravin sniper is the best crossbow I have ever shot or owned. Predator camo looks great and the crossbows performance is unreal! Truly happy with my purchase. Even better than I was imagining!!! Thanks for a great deal!

The best crossbow on the market, period! Jack plate is easy to install and you are ready to go! 200 yards out of the box! Incredible range and accuracy! Very happy with this crossbow!

If your looking for the best crossbow on the market today this is it! Kiigns offered me a great deal on this bow and I'm super pumped how well it actually does shoot. Deadly accurate and devastating power. All the hype is for good reason. It's by far the best crossbow I have ever shot. Looking forward to using it this season in MN.

(Reviews are from customers of Kiigns)

Step into the future and own the new standard.

The new standard has been set in the crossbow industry. Ravin crossbows built a product that defies all odds, making you rethink how crossbows should perform. The jaw-dropping innovation of Ravin's new line of crossbows will define your hunting style as limitless. From a tree stand, ground blind, or stay mobile. Every style of hunting is honored in the realm of Ravin. Unmatched target power and unbelievable accuracy from 200 yards and in.

Let us know what you think of this new innovation from Ravin in the comments.

Happy hunting,

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